What challenging times we are facing. I hope you and all your loved ones are doing well. I also hope many of you are hunkered down with your family and enjoying some extra time together. During times like these I have been amazed with how quickly great people come together to confront a crisis. I’ve watched the government, industry and our people collectively focus on an issue then solve it. Yet everything is not perfect, I want to keep hoping and have strength that WE will get through this. Like you, I have never seen or been through this before, but we will get through this sooner rather than later…and learn some important lessons along the way.

I’m extremely proud of our hospitality community. I’ve seen constant support with sharing positivity, donating, bringing hope to people in need and continuing to love one another (while keeping appropriate distance) during this time. We can only hope our businesses and attractions will be up and running again soon. That said, please keep sharing and liking on all platforms spreading positivity throughout our community. If you have an idea or if SLAA can help support your attraction, please feel free to reach out to myself or our board members.

As you know, SLAA leadership is taking the coronavirus very seriously with majority concern being the health and safety of our tourism and hospitality community – members, volunteers, staff, and guests. Since this situation is evolving, we will continue to keep you informed with changes and updates with our upcoming meetings.

Regarding the May meeting, we will let you know as soon as possible the status of the event. We are still accepting Spirit of St. Louis Awards (hall of fame, individual, and program) and Scholarship applications. If you could please send your nominations to SLAA@qabs.com!

Until then, please stay safe and be well!
Tyler Huth
2020 President

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