Scholarship / Internship

St. Louis Attractions Association Carole Moody Scholarship

The St. Louis Attractions Association has been awarding scholarships to qualified students interested in pursuing careers in the tourism and hospitality industry since 1991. The Carole Moody Scholarship is named for founding Attractions Association member Carole Moody, in recognition of her nearly 30 years of contributions to the tourism and hospitality industry. We are honored to carry on Carole’s memory and spirit through this program.

This scholarship is open to any undergraduate college student or high school senior entering college majoring in a field that could contribute to the tourism/hospitality industry and maintaining a 3.0 or B grade point average. In addition, the student must have accomplished one of the following:

  1. Work in the industry for a SLAA member
  2. Completed an internship with a SLAA member
  3. Be a current member of SLAA (Student memberships are available! Ask how you can join!)
  4. Be a family member of a SLAA member
  5. Belong to a hospitality organization

Each July, one or more students are awarded a scholarship in the amount of at least $1,000. One or more students may be awarded an Honorable Mention Award in the amount of $500.

Since 1991, 37 students have benefited from more than $28,000 in scholarship funds from the St. Louis Attractions Association Scholarship Program.